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Traditional mental health and psychotherapy have focused mainly on symptoms and disorders. You may have had the experience of seeing a therapist, answering an inventory, checking some boxes, and receiving a diagnosis from the DSM 5.

Here at The Integrative and Holistic Center, we firmly believe in a person-centered approach. Rather than focusing on a disorder, our goal is for you to gain optimal health through integrative mental health care. With the many different forms of therapy and coaching, we can help you heal wounds of the past, cope with the distress of the present, and help you pave new paths for behaviors and attitudes that will lead you to your desired self.

From EMDR to mindfulness to guided imagery, we employ techniques from both allopathic and complementary and alternative medicine to create a holistic treatment plan specific to each client.

Our interactive educational opportunities are designed to deepen and strengthen relationships between therapists and their clients. Through a collaborative, supervisory relationship with Sophie Ducrocq Archibald, therapists can expand and refine their knowledge and skills in ethics, therapeutic presence, crisis management, and any other areas of the craft of therapy that they wish to explore.

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