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Clinical Support Group

The Integrative and Holistic Center offers interactive educational opportunities for therapists to deepen and strengthen their interpersonal relationships. Sophie leads in bringing together therapists with a clinical question, allowing them to share therapeutic relationship experiences and feelings, strategies, and firsthand information about treatments.

This supportive community of clinicians meets to empower one another. They help each other increase awareness, flexibility, and skill, recognize and work through blind spots, and open up space for connection and exploration.

Clinical Group Consultations


Sophie’s professional support group for therapists meets in person or online using a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom, taking a psychodynamic and relational approach, where concerns and topics are determined by what members bring to the group rather than being introduced or structured by the facilitator.

Sophie’s goal is to support therapists as they work with their clients to deepen their understanding of the therapeutic relationship. Her approach is grounded in a relational therapy model that focuses on helping clients develop their own capacity to reflect on their own experiences of being in relationships, with a particular focus on the therapist-client relationship. In addition to her private practice, Sophie works at the Center as the Clinical Supervisor for both the therapeutic training program and the internship program. She also provides consultation to mental health professionals, academics, and researchers.


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