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Sophie is now accepting master’s program students who are seeking completion of their required supervision. Licensed therapists may also seek supervision services from Sophie to provide support, collaboration, and guidance through navigating the therapeutic relationships with their clients. Supervision is offered on an individual basis or in a group of 2-3 therapists. Individual supervision is charged a flat rate of $130/hour while it is $80/hour for each therapist in a group setting. Supervision services are now available via Telehealth.

When we join our master’s programs, we are somewhat familiar with the term “therapeutic relationship” although it is still mostly unexplored during your graduate training. The therapeutic relationship between clinician and client has been proven through research to be the element that overwhelmingly predicts treatment success. The goal through the course of supervision will be to explore extensively the therapeutic relationship and the impression it has on a client, on you personally and professionally.

Through a collaborative, supervisory relationship with Sophie, she will expand and refine your knowledge and skills in ethics, therapeutic presence, crisis management, and any other areas of the craft of therapy that you wish to explore. Sophie has focused much of her career and her Ph.D. research on advanced clinical skills to enhance the therapeutic alliance. You will receive training to recognize when there is a rupture in the client/clinician relationship and receive guidance to mend this break in a way that promotes growth. Being a therapist also means being open to the bi-directional change potential that comes with the authentic and real connection with your clients. The training you would receive on all of these topics would fit you and your human experiences based on the most recent research. The ongoing goal throughout your supervision experience is for you to feel confident in not only the clinical training but also that you have gained the knowledge, support, and experience that you need to navigate effectively through the therapeutic relationship in all stages of treatment with your clients. All of this to help you see the transformative healing process that takes place in this dynamic encounter!

Therapeutic Relationships

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