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Organizational Training Workshop

When we look at the world of psychotherapy, it can seem like everyone is just going through the motions. They all say they’re using an integrative approach, but when you look closer, you see that they’re really just doing the same old thing. You might even find that they’re all doing the same old thing, but they’re just calling it something different.

Sophie Ducrocq Archibald is a professional counselor helping people for over 10 years. She has a deep understanding of the ethical aspects of the therapeutic relationship. She provides individual and group supervision and offers consultation services to counseling professionals. Through a collaborative, supervisory relationship with Sophie, clinicians can expand and refine their knowledge and skills in ethics, therapeutic presence, crisis management, and any other areas of the craft of therapy that they wish to explore.

The way your staff is trained has a direct impact on the quality of work they are able to provide. Sophie can help you create a training program that covers all aspects of work, from patient care to office procedures. This is not just a matter of “better training”, but a holistic approach to support the organization designed to foster excellence in all aspects of their work. 

Whether you need help on specific tasks or topics, or just want to improve your overall operation, we can tailor our services to fit your needs. Contact The Integrative and Holistic Center today to learn more!

Onsite and online courses approved by the Utah National Association of Social Workers:

  • 6-hour workshop
  • 1-hour course

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