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The therapeutic relationship between clinician and client has been proven through research to be the element that overwhelmingly predicts treatment success. The goal through the course of supervision will be to explore extensively the therapeutic relationship and the impression it has on a client, on you personally and professionally.

Through a collaborative, supervisory relationship with Sophie Ducrocq Archibald, she will expand and refine your knowledge and skills in ethics, therapeutic presence, crisis management, and any other areas of the craft of therapy that you wish to explore.

Clinical Training

The quality of therapeutic relationships have the most impact on therapy outcome and significantly reduce therapist burnout. In their 2018 task force publication, the American Psychological Association (APA) shared their concern that therapeutic relationship empirical research is being disseminated to therapists at the desired rate. 

Sophie Ducrocq Archibald wholeheartedly agrees with this report and to meet this need, she develops and delivers clinical training related to this important topic to promote positive therapy outcomes while reducing your therapist’s burnout.

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